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Save time & money and protect your vehicle with our Fast Pass Unlimited Wash Club.

  • Easy On Your Wallet
  • Easy On Your Schedule
  • Easy On Your Car

Wash away the grime... as often as you need.

Fast Pass Unlimited Wash Club makes it easy!

  • Make things easy on your wallet.

    A Fast Pass Unlimited Wash Club membership lets you wash your vehicle as often as you want, at any of The Wash Factory locations – and pays for itself in just two washes a month!

  • Save time and energy.

    Our unlimited membership provides the best value and is the easiest way to ensure that you have a sparkling clean car – in just ten minutes or less.

  • Keep things clean and green.

    You’re guaranteed a streak-free, sparkling clean wash every time time you drive through The Wash Factory! Rest easy knowing that our biodegradable soaps and treatments are safe for the environment.


Keep your car looking like new with unlimited washes.


Become a Fast Pass Member

Sign up to join our unlimited car wash plan and enjoy the benefits of a clean car anytime you want.


Spend a Few Minutes a Week

Check one thing off your to-do list in as little as ten minutes a week and feel like you’ve got one space in your life that is in order.


Save Money

Your monthly subscription pays for itself in just two car washes. That means your 3rd and 4th (and beyond!) washes each month are on us!

Get that fresh-out-of-the-showroom shine without risking damage to your vehicle.

The Wash Factory is here to save you time and money!
Our state-of-the-art treatments will clean, shine, and protect your prized possession in just ten minutes or less.

Lava Shield

This process will clean, shine, and protect your car. It removes road grime and seals with a synthetic polymer paint sealant for protection against the elements!

Hot Wax & Shine

The hot wax application immerses your vehicle in liquid Carnauba, which can penetrate through even deep scratches or chips. It is safe on all surfaces – including glass – and won't leave streaks behind.

Rain Repellent

From road grime to pesky bugs, your car will be protected from elements. Rain Repellent extends the life of your vehicle’s exterior with superior water repellency.

Bug Prep

We scrub and remove dead bugs from your vehicle to protect the paint. We also use a citrus-based bug remover that quickly removes any leftover residue on grills, windshields, or painted surfaces.

Underbody Rinse

Road salts, insects, and pollen dust get stuck to the undercarriage and need to be removed for maximum protection against rust. Our special formula cleans and prevents rust formation.

Tire Shine

This two-step process washes away the brake dust and road grime from your tires at the end of the wash, shining and protecting them.

Triple Conditioner

This triple-action formula rejuvenates your vehicle's surface, gently removing the built-up dust and pollution that can cloud its original beauty. This formula provides advanced UV protection.

Ceramic Shield

A multi-step layering process applies ceramic coating to protect your paint from the elements. Ceramic Shield provides hydrophobic water repellency and a longer-lasting shine.


Fast Pass Unlimited Wash Club


Ceramic Shield

  • Multi-Step Ceramic Coating

    • Enhanced process for exceptional gloss and color depth
    • Multi-layering for superior water repellency
    • Bonds at the molecular level for long-lasting protection
  • Lava Shield

  • Tire Shine


Manager's Special

  • Lava Shield

  • Hot Wax

  • Rain Repellent

  • Triple Conditioner

  • Wheel Cleaner/Tire Shine

  • Underbody Rinse

  • Bug Prep


Hot Wax & Shine

  • Hot Wax

  • Rain Repellent

  • Triple Conditioner

  • Wheel Cleaner/Tire Shine

  • Underbody Rinse

  • Bug Prep


Wheel Deal

  • Rain Repellent

  • Triple Conditioner

  • Wheel Cleaner/Tire Shine

Take Care of the Planet

The Wash Factory strives to minimize water usage and employ ecologically-responsible chemicals that do not pollute the environment.

  • Water Reclamation

    We recycle up to 85% of the water used in a car wash with our cutting-edge water reclamation technology, reducing freshwater consumption and saving you money!

  • Water Conservation

    The average household car wash uses 100+ gallons of water and does not recycle the water. At The Wash Factory, we use as little as 8 gallons of water per car wash.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Save the environment on two fronts – our soaps and chemicals are eco-friendly and biodegradable AND we reduce pollutants by eliminating runoff!

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